My Hypnosis Experience

I was assisting at a training weekend recently when I was asked did I have an experience of hypnosis before training, and what was the result? Interesting question ……….

In fact, I had already signed up for a course of hypnotherapy when I had an accident when my dog threw herself at me, joyously and playfully, resulting in me flying (without wings) and breaking my ankle on landing. Ouch!

I obediently followed doctors orders, and did not put my cast supported foot down for the next 8 weeks whilst I healed, and eventually the great day came when the cast was coming off. Yipeee.

I optimistically took my, what had been for the last 8 weeks, extra, shoe so I could walk out afterwards. The cast came off, the x-rays confirmed my healing had been completed and I was stronger than before. Fabulous, I am back on my feet and can get on with life again.

However, a strange thing happened…….. I physically could not place my foot on the ground, I tried again and again and it was as if two magnets were being pushed apart and my foot would not make contact with the ground. I could not walk…….. Why???? My darling OH wheeled me back to the car and home again. There was no explanation given by the hospital I was just told to go home and get on.

I am a very logical, rational person (strong minded) and got really quite angry and frustrated with myself, especially over the next couple of days when things were not improving, there were tears and expletives (sorry) as my foot just hovered above the ground and I could not bear weight on it. I could not walk!

Suddenly, I had an inspirational thought. I knew it was me stopping me somehow, even if I did not know how or why. I had met someone on an NLP course who was already training as a hypnotherapist and needed practice, so I phoned her and set her the challenge of getting me to walk again. Thankfully she was up for it and duly arrived at my house for my Therapy session.

I must say now that it was a wonderful, relaxing, experience I was totally immersed in the process for many reasons, I was interested in hypnotherapy, I wanted to walk again, and I like to see people succeed being some of them.

The session ended and……….. I walked her to the door, it was successful, in this case immediately. We were both very happy and I will always be grateful to her for moving me forward (literally and metaphorically) with my life.

A02JAA Man walking dog

Moving Forward

I understand now how powerful the mind can be, even when you logically think this cannot be me doing this, you mind can sometimes be an over protector which is detrimental to what we actually want. In fact it is usually you stopping you from achieving the things you may strongly desire (as in this case I REALLY wanted to walk)

So, if you are experiencing a physical or mental barrier which you cannot understand and it is stopping you from being happy, fulfilled or living your life in some way I can recommend hypnotherapy because I have lived it. It is not usually sorted in one session, I understand this was a unique situation, but moving forward both mentally and physically, starts with recognising you can decide to get help and then making that phone call.

If I can help you move forward with your life call me on 07900 352324 for your complementary consultation to discuss how hypnotherapy and I may assist you on your journey to the life you deserve.


About harmony4mindandbody

I am a clinically trained Hypnotherapist, Life Coach,NLP master and reflexologist. My aim is to help people acheive their full potential / dreams in life using all of the tools at my disposal,
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  1. This really demonstrates just how power full the mind can be

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