Anxiety can happen to us all at some point in life. Whether it is sitting exams, or dealing with divorce, there can be many triggers to activate anxiety, and a feeling that life is spiralling out of our control. In these situations it is both normal and understandable to feel anxious.

When it becomes a problem is when it does not stop. Does not give you any peace. Stops you from living your life, or enjoying the company of those you care about. When it takes away your enjoyment in living, your confidence, parallelizing you and keeping you locked into the feeling of helplessness and lack of control.

you-are-not-alonePerhaps you have the British ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality, when you feel that you just have to put up with it and pretend that nothing is wrong. But what if you didn’t have to pretend any more? How would your life improve if you admitted you had anxiety and sought help to deal with it?

The good news is that you can change this, you can change and have that improved life if you choose to.

If this is sounding familiar, what can you do?

  1. Stop thinking that you are alone and no-one else has ever felt this way. There is no need to feel embarrassed of awkward or weak. I know that this does not mean that the impact of anxiety is lessened in some way. It can be the most exhausting feeling you ever have in your life, but it does not mean that you are alone, there are others who will understand and be supportive.

  2. Take medical advice if you feel you would benefit. Do not be embarrassed to admit you have a problem with anxiety. Asking for help is not weak, it is empowering, and the first step towards taking back control.

  3. Talk to someone. Don’t assume that friends and family need protecting from how you feel, or that they would not understand. They are probably already aware that you need something but don’t want to bring the subject up.

  4. If you don’t want to ‘bother’ friends and family with your worries then find a Therapist that you would be happy to work with. Finding someone who is experienced in anxiety can give you a non-judgemental, ‘outside’ view of what is happening to you and help you to make decisions on how to change.

If I can help guide you out of your anxiety and help you to become more resourceful, and learn new coping skills why not give me a call and arrange your FREE CONSULTATION to help you decide if I am the person you want to work with to get the skills you need to have that life you deserve.

What’s stopping you? Take back control of your today and your future. Stop procrastinating now.


About harmony4mindandbody

I am a clinically trained Hypnotherapist, Life Coach,NLP master and reflexologist. My aim is to help people acheive their full potential / dreams in life using all of the tools at my disposal,
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