Wonky Cake

Its my birthday YIPEEE happy birthday to me.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I decided that as I have food intolerances, including gluten, that it would be better to make my own cake this year, rather than face the dry, tasteless, but perfectly decorated gluten free options in the supermarkets. Don’t get me wrong it is great that they provide gluten free celebration cakes, but having tried them I knew I could do it better.

This is the result of my labours cake 

You may notice that it is a bit wonky, with not quite smooth royal icing. It is not perfect in any way. It definitely did not turn out the way that I envisaged it when planning my lemon icing, butterflies and daisy decorations. But do you know what it tastes great.

To steal a phrase from Forest Gump – “life is like a box of chocolates” (or home made wonky cake) You really can plan all you like, but it does not always turn out how you wanted.

Perhaps you feel that you have failed in some way, came out a bit wonky like the cake. But do you know you are perfect as you. The difference between you and my wonky cake is that you can choose to grow and develop (I definitely need to think about cake decorating classes). It is when you give in and do nothing to help you develop that you truly ‘fail yourself’.

This world seems all about having the ‘perfect life’ perfect body’ ‘perfect partner’ ‘perfect children’, but what is perfect. In my opinion the healthy attitude is that there is no such thing as perfect, we should always be growing and developing as individuals becoming the person we were meant to be, rather than our media driven perceived vision of that perfection. People who try to be perfect are generally never happy, always trying to be ‘better’ even more ‘perfect’. It is an unattainable never complete vision. Ask yourself, do you really want to be a perfect clone of someone else? If you are so busy trying to reach the media’s idea of perfection what you are really doing is not taking time to look at your own life and embrace the differences between us.

Pretty much everyone, including all these people leading perceived ‘perfect’ lives has trauma, loss or a feeling of overwhelm at some point, this is the cycle of life.

I guess what I am really saying is be like my wonky cake, accept your imperfections life can still be delicious.

If you feel that you would benefit from finding direction in your life why not contact me for your free consultation to see how I can help you to celebrate being you, with all your wonderful uniqueness.


About harmony4mindandbody

I am a clinically trained Hypnotherapist, Life Coach,NLP master and reflexologist. My aim is to help people acheive their full potential / dreams in life using all of the tools at my disposal,
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